I hereby confirm that I have understood that Muhurtham.net is only a facilitating agency in searching for a suitable marital match for prospective brides and grooms and that Muhurtham.net portal is not responsible for any consequence that may arise on account of publishing of the details of the  bride/groom given by me.

   I am aware that it is my duty to verify personally the details published in the website before finalising the marriage and that Muhurtham.net is in no way responsible for the correctness of the data. I further confirm that the details given above are true and correct and that Muhurtham.net shall be in no way held responsible for the data supplied by me.

   I further undertake to indemnify Muhurtham.net in the case of  any loss due to any wrong information, if any, given by  me either online or in database registration form.  I further agree and confirm that I will have no claim whatsoever over Muhurtham.net for the services rendered by them. I further undertake to inform Muhurtham.net in the event of finalisation of marriage of the bride/groom whom I have registered with Muhurtham.net .  I have understood the above terms and conditions and I hereby give my consent to publish the details given by me either online or through Database Registration Form.


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