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By signing up at Muhurtham.Net, you accept the following terms & conditions subject to which Muhurtham.Net and its affiliates provide their services to you. Please read the terms & conditions carefully. In addition, when you use any current or future Muhurtham.Net service you will be subject to the guidelines and conditions applicable to such service or business.


By signing up at Muhurtham.Net you acknowledge that you are bound by the terms and conditions which you have read and understood.



Terms common to all membership: Membership is not automatic: The right of admission vests with Muhurtham.Net. Membership is available for Hindus who are:

a. Indian Nationals & Citizens

b. Persons of Indian Origin (PIO)

         c. Non Resident Indians (NRI)

d. Persons of Indian Descent or Indian Heritage.


Free Membership:

         By registering your profile, you become a free member of Muhurtham.Net. Free Membership only entitles member to     search for a suitable profile of your choice for marriage.


          Paid Membership

                 You become a member upon due acceptance of the Profile and Payment by Muhurtham.Net. Validity of your paid membership is based on fees paid option that you have selected. Membership fee shall be as fixed by Muhurtham.Net from time to time. If registration fees are paid through a Franchisee, until actual receipt of the same by Muhurtham.Net, Franchisee shall alone be responsible and liable for the same.


Length of Membership:

           Upon payment you continue to be a member of Muhurtham.Net until your marriage is fixed or according to the period fixed by Muhurtham.Net, whichever is earlier.


Privacy of Membership: 

      Your Membership is only for your sole, personal use. It is not to be assigned, transferred or licensed so as to be used by any other person / entity.
Termination of Membership:

      The membership may be terminated by either party by serving a written notice on the other. Muhurtham.Net reserves the right to terminate the membership, to suspend or discontinue a profile or to disable access in respect of any member who is in breach of any of the terms & conditions. Membership fee is not refundable under any circumstances.


       The terms and conditions are inclusive and not exhaustive. Muhurtham.Net shall have the right to amend by inclusion/deletion/amendment of the terms and conditions at any time without notice.

B)Member assures and undertakes as follows:

The facts given in the matrimonial profile are correct and genuine. Member has not concealed any material facts likely to influence the marriage proposal.

All facts necessary for getting into a matrimonial relationship have been given.

Member is legally eligible to get married in terms of age, physical and mental condition, etc.

Member permits Muhurtham Net to post their profile.

Muhurtham Net does not guarantee receipt of responses / proposals and cannot be held liable in any manner for the same.

C)Member recognizes, acknowledges and assures that:

1.         Muhurtham Net has the right with out any notice to Member to discontinue, delete, alter or refuse any profile if the same is found unfit, undesirable, vulgar, etc in the sole discretion of Muhurtham Net. Muhurtham Net’s decision in this regard shall be final and Muhurtham Net cannot be held responsible in any manner in this regard including any loss, expense or damages.

2.         No refund in fees is allowed under any circumstances whether for discontinuation or deletion of the profile by Muhurtham Net or   for any other reason.

3.        Any consequences arising out of concealment of facts shall not bind Muhurtham Net in any manner. No loss, expense or       damages shall be payable by Muhurtham Net in such event.

4         Muhurtham Net is meant purely for introduction purposes. Muhurtham Net assumes no responsibility for genuineness of  Member’s information, any consequences arising out of posting the profile and / or resulting from any alliances. Muhurtham Net shall not be liable for any consequences including any loss, expense or damages on any account.

5.         It shall be the responsibility of the Members to check and verify the information and peruse all necessary documents such as  Divorce certificates. Muhurtham Net assumes no responsibility in this regard.

6.         Muhurtham Net assumes no responsibility and will not be subject to any financial obligations of any nature by way of loss, expense, damages, any direct, indirect or consequential losses of any nature suffered or incurred by anyone including a Member under the following circumstances:

i)On account of any inaccuracy or falsity in the information in the Member’s profile such as caste, creed religion, personal information, etc.

ii) Any time delay in hosting the profile due to technical reasons and reasons beyond the reasonable control of Muhurtham Net.

iii) Any consequences including loss or damage caused due to anyone accessing the Member’s profile.

iv) Any consequence on account of misuse of the service by any one or violation of law by its Members or any one accessing the service.          

7.       It shall be the sole discretion of Muhurtham Net to host or continue a profile. By posting the profile and enabling Member/s to       access / exchange profile or make contacts / acquaintances, Muhurtham Net does not recommend any proposal.

D) General Provisions

1.               Muhurtham Net will make its best endeavour to keep the web site up and running but shall not liable for any consequences including any loss, expense or damages, any direct, indirect or consequential losses of any nature suffered or incurred by a Member/any one arising out of suspension of operations due to technical reasons or any other reason or reasons beyond the reasonable control of Muhurtham Net.

2.                Member can request discontinuation of a profile for any reason including when a marriage alliance materializes. Member can send this request by e-mail and shall mention the username and password. No refund of any fees (pro-rata or otherwise) shall be made.

3               Profile once hosted is valid until your marriage is fixed or according to the period fixed by Muhurtham.Net, whichever is earlier. Where the membership period expires, the Profile shall be discontinued unless renewal charges as applicable at the time of renewal are paid before the expiry of the term.

4.               Contact information will be made available only to Members paying the Membership fees and not to free members. Free membership and the term there of shall be at the sole discretion of Muhurtham Net.

5.                Muhurtham Net will use its best endeavour to maintain confidentiality (other than posting or transmission) of the personal information. Muhurtham.Net assumes no obligations on confidentiality. Muhurtham Net shall however divulge such information if required by law.

6.                By subscribing to the service, you agree and permit Muhurtham Net getting in touch with you using your e-mail id and / or telephone number for any offers or events.;  




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