This Website helps in finding suitable 'Life Companion' (suitable life partner) for a girl or a boy. All you have to do is to register yourself the girl or boy with us. We will generate horoscope based on the input you give at the time of registration, then the stars of the bride and the groom are exhibited. While selecting the bride or groom you have many options to select from like Sub-sect, Qualification, age, Profession, Employment, Earning potential etc., when you fill the parameters required, the system will automatically find the match for the horoscope and all such matches are displayed.


A gist of your profile in exhibited to the visitors of this website. This is a free service now. This will be a paid service soon.

Search option

This is a service which will help you to search for a suitable match.This service is available only for registered members.Details of all the matching profiles which satisfy your expectations will be screened for you. This is a Paid Service.


You can know your past, present and future about your life,business,employment and all other details. Our astrological advisers in Indian Astrology will give you professional advice for your queries.This service is available only for registered members.


Innovative time saving and money saving services are in the offing. Please wait for announcement.



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